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If you're looking for excitement, challenge and a rewarding future, the dramatically growing broadcasting industry may be for you.

In fact, there are not enough qualified broadcasters to feed today's system. By the year 2000, there were well over 12,000 radio stations, 1,500 TV stations and nearly 10,000 cable stations operating in the United States alone. In addition, new stations are opening or applying for licenses each day. Each one of these facilities can represent an open door of opportunity for the eager broadcaster.

Why then does this industry seem so difficult to break into?

Because station management seek a "known quantity," the individual with a record of experience who is known by other professionals in the field.

And, this is exactly what Radio Connection offers. Unlike any other program, Radio Connection provides training through a nationwide network of radio and TV stations.

We select and hire successful radio program directors to be both counselor and mentor to our students, providing guidance throughout our training course. The director also monitors all scheduled training sessions at the station. Because students are actually assisting radio staff and learning in a hands-on situation, they are becoming that "known quantity with experience" who are in the ideal position to go on-the-air at their station.

As a student with Radio Connection you do not have to leave your job or school while training. You can work part-time in broadcasting while keeping your present position.

How long does it take? For some, the ability to speak professionally comes long and hard and may take several months. For others, it's only a matter of better projection and articulation before they are ready for an on-the-air job. However, our acceptance standards are very high. and we will only accept applicants with solid vocal potential and strong motivation to succeed.

Please read through this site and then, if you think this program might be for you, contact us. Again, we do not accept all the applicants that apply to our program. We are looking for serious minded individuals who really do have the motivation and desire to become a successful on air personality.

Sometimes people forget they can truly enjoy what they do for a living. If you won't settle for anything less than a dynamic, exciting career, we know The Career Connection can help you achieve that goal.

Looking forward to hearing you on the air!

Jimi Petulla
Founder, Radio Connection

Editor's note: Jimi is in the process of making his own film: Reversal. You can read about it on the Web site.


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"Faith Foreman is now employed with WLTJ, handling a midnight-to-6 a.m. shift with the station as she completes her coursework."
-- Peter Morley,
PD, Announcer,
WLTJ / WRRK, Pittsburgh

"I began working with Fred Plaster last May. He has since secured a weekend position. And what a great start: to land one's first job in a Top 50 market!"
-- Don London,
Program Director,
WWDE / WNVZ, Virginia

"Frederick Green has now been with KiFM for about about four months, and is assuming more responsibilities."
-- Jeff Prentice,
Production Director,
KiFM, San Diego

"Your one-on-one approach is what drew me into being interested in your program. Thank you for rekindling my love for the business by teaching one of your students."
-- Susan Browning,
Metro Networks, New York