What Jobs Are Available?

The following are some of the positions that are available at radio and TV stations throughout the country. You will be exposed to each one in the program.

Disc Jockey

How does having your own radio show sound? Entertaining, playing the hits, announcing titles and artists, and using your personality to communicate with an audience is only part of the job. As a DJ, you may also interview recording artists and movie stars. As a radio personality you will be paid to make public appearances to help promote your station and businesses that rely on you as a professional disc jockey.


Delivering the news in an informative manner is very important for success as a professional news anchor. As a news person. you will also be involved in on the spot news bulletins at the actual scene. News is current and factual information that keeps the audience aware of up to date situations as they arise. You will be a respected prominent member of your community, attending civic and special meetings where important issues are resolved. Most importantly you will receive news before anyone else and become the primary source of information for the entire community.


Knowledge of sports along with a conversational delivery style is important for success as a sports anchor person. You'll be reporting live from the dugouts and benches as the coaches and players develop strategy that often determines the vital lose or win situation. You will also highlight the more human side of famous professional athletes when you do in-depth interviews as part of your sportscast, and maybe eventually your own sports show!

Commercial Announcer

Potentially one of the most lucrative broadcasting positions, a commercial announcer may work for one or more stations, clients or producers. Their delivery style needs to be energetic, alive and convincing in order to sell the advertiser's products or services. The regular 9 to 5 job is over if you become a success as a professional commercial announcer. It can take as little as an hour of your presence in the studio for you to do a voice over for a commercial that may air many times on radio and TV stations throughout the country. Announcers often receive residuals which means you make money every time the commercial is broadcast.


Your job is to create the commercials which are heard and seen on both radio and television. Your imagination can be the starting point for an award winning and money making commercial. You're in charge of writing scripts which communicate the client's message to the public and promote his business. Successful copywriters often expand their careers and advance to writing scripts for TV shows and movies.

Many other jobs are available and described in the Radio Connection Course, including:

  • TV Booth Announcer
  • Radio/TV Talk Show Moderator
  • Documentary Narrator
  • Program Director
  • Weather Reporter
  • Staff Announcer


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"After being in the business for 28 years, I feel qualified to recommend Radio Connection to any sincere, intelligent person wishing to pursue a career in this exciting business."
-- Joe Collins,
KRZR, Fresno

"Jessica Stout was hired by Jacor Broadcasting in Denver as an Air Personality."
-- Bob Richards,
KBPI, Denver

"After seeing him in action during the internship, I have decided to take on Jeff Ward as an employee."
-- J.T. Stevens,
Program Director,
WHTQ, Orlando, FL

"It has been my first week on the job and I love it! I can't wait to get to the station and I don't want to leave once I'm there."
-- John J. Cuccia, Jr.,
Oldies 107.1, New Jersey

"Phil Loomis is now doing "overnights" full-time for the station."
-- "Cadillac Jack",
106.7 FM, Detroit