Radio Connection
Course Outline

The first step towards your new career. The course is packed full of useful information and easy-to-follow instructions to lead you step-by-step through the training that will qualify you for a position in broadcasting. Assignments include in-studio lab time training in a radio station in your local area!

Section 1: Voice and Speech Development

Resonance and voice inflection
Speech improvement
Speech vocabulary
Diaphragmatic breathing
Breath conservation and
control exercises
Qualities of a good
speaking voice
The importance of
vowel resonance
Diction and articulation
Diction and pronunciation
Agility drills
Stress and phrasing exercise
Inflection exercise
The announcer
Front, middle and back vowels
Voice exercises
Vocal exercises
Voice and speech training

Section 2: Commercial Announcing and Copywriting

Commercial type
Commercial announcing
The importance of selling
when announcing comercials
Know what your selling
Understanding your copy
Script breakdown
Know the characters
Know the audience
Interpretation of the script
Commercial delivery
for announcers
Radio commercial production
Timing commercials
Commercial style guide
Commercial copywriting
Effective selling types
Basic commercial structure
The scriptware
Copywriter guide
Exact timing
Writing assignment
Commercials with jingles
DAT and other digital audio software
Copywriter techniques

Section 3: Voice Overs

Commercial practice section,
over 100 commercials
Copy outline
Union or non-union guilds
Delivery styles
Looping and mixing
Sound effects library
Digital editing
The final voice over mix

Section 4: Disc Jockey / Talk Show Host

The DJ
The straight announcer
The formula jock
The musicologist
The comic
The man on the street
The "True DJ"
Successful personality trait
Learn to be you
Your radio personality
Developing your on-air-skill
Producing your show
Selecting your music
(T) Talk radio format
Developing topics for use on-the-air
Interview format
Original concept ideals
Show timing
Program formats
(A/C) Adult Contemporary
(CHR) Contemporary Hit Radio
(AOR) Album Oriented Rock
(C) Country Radio
(UC) Urban Contemporary
(E) Ethnic Radio
(R) Religious Radio
(MOR) Middle Of The Road
Staying within the format
Format clocks
The station log
Disc jockey show
Station ID's
Music surveys
The record companies
Celebrity interviewing
Keeping the interview going
Final DJ / talk show

Section 5: News Broadcasting and Writing

News policy and procedures
Announcing the news
News sources
The wire services
UPI and AP
Investigative reporting
News conferences
Political news
Program notice
Code of ethics
Equal opportunity
Freedom of information
Controversial matters
Wire services and their
audio networks
Correspondent reporters
Riot coverage
Obscene or profane language
Preparing the news
Reporting from the scene
Radio hot lines
Radio stringers
Newscast with commercials
Broadcast journalism
News writing techniques
Stock market reports
Farm reports
Special headline news
Several practice newscasts
News actuality
On the spot news reporting

Section 6: Sports Broadcasting & Writing

Study hints for sportscasters
Sports announcing
Employment opportunities for
the sports announcer and writer
Sports reporting for the
all sports and news station
Sports reporting for the
music station
Sports reporting for the
small market station
Sports reporting for the
major market networks
Sports announcing for the
professional team
Play-by-play announcing
Color announcing
Sports interviewing
Wire service for sports
Major sports coverage
The sports reporter
Tips for the sportscaster
Sportscast timing
Calling the game
The sports snalyst
Practice sportscasts
One-on-one sports
Sports writing
Sports delivery styles

Section 7: Public Service Announcements

Public speaking
The community
Public interviewing
Public appearances
The political side
Public reporting
Nation public issues
Local community issues

Section 8: Weather Reporting

Weather forecast
Weather terms
Weather hot lines
UPI weather service
Emergency broadcast service
Weather forecast celivery

Section 9: The Technical Side

Audio production
Reel-to-reel analog machines
Digital recording techniques
Digital audio
Audio consoles
Control studio equipment
VU meters
Patch panels
Transducers and compressors
CD functions
Pressing the CD
Music library
Editing and splicing on tape
Digital audio workstations
Pro-Tools, CakeWalk, SAW programs
Digital Editing

Section 10: The Business Of Radio

Structure within the
radio station
Station management
The program director
Sales department
Selling time
The account executive
Station surveys
Music research
The radio code
Understanding and using radio
audience estimates
Arbitron radio market report
Advertising agencies
Co-op sales
Geographical areas
Small and major market research

Section 11: Broadcasting Glossary

Terms used In radio and TV

Section 12: Final Audition Tape Formats

Audition tape formats
Covering all radio and TV formats
Final Digital Editing
DAT Copies.

Section 13: Career Development

Getting that first job in
FCC license
Broadcasting positions and
duties at the radio stations
Approach in seeking an
"on-air" broadcasting
Goal setting
Preparing your audition tapes
The personal interview
Preparing a resume
The cover letter
Obtaining your diploma
Getting a letter of
recommendation (on
the station's letterhead)
from your local mentor
Preparing your package
(to send to stations)
Keeping your job
Growth in broadcasting


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"After being in the business for 28 years, I feel qualified to recommend Radio Connection to any sincere, intelligent person wishing to pursue a career in this exciting business."
-- Joe Collins,
KRZR, Fresno

"Two short years ago I stumbled across your ad in a local newspaper. Since then my career has sky rocketed! I worked in Fresno, CA, for a year and a half. Now I'm in beautiful Orlando!"
-- Stephen L. Tate,
On-Air Personality,
WXXL, Florida

"A few months with a program director leads to a position in the broadcasting field far more often than a university degree."
-- Wes S. Nessmann,
Program Director,
KFMX, Texas

"We hired Greg McQuaid as soon as he completed your course. He's now an important On-Air member of our Morning Show team."
-- Lester Temple,
Production Director,
KITS FM, San Francisco

"We were so impressed with Chris Smith's demo tape that we hired him as a Newscaster."
-- Ted Sohier,
Operations Manager,
WQED, Pittsburgh, PA

"Chris Cruz has been officially hired as a Production Assistant of KJR AM and FM."
-- Chad Douglas,
Production Director,
KJR FM Seattle

"Career Connection has done it again! Kai Brown was only a few weeks into the program when he was hired here."
-- Mike Purdy,
KOMO, Seattle

"Shelton Tucker was hired here above a group of qualified applicants due to your training and his own initiative."
-- Keith Miller,
KSDO, San Diego

"Your program is easily the best that I have found for teaching people the real skills needed for that first break in radio."
-- Greg "Roberts" Tillotson,
Operations Director,
KSSY, Wenatchee, WA

"I'm a 42 year veteran and have seen various organizations that were a 'total rip off.' I'm impressed and find it stimulating to be associated with Radio Connection!"
-- Bill Thompson,
Talk Show Personality,
KOH, Reno

"Kevin Fell is now gainfully employed here at our AM station. I had no hestitation at all in recommending him."
-- Troy D. Duran,
Production Director,
AM 1060 KUKQ, Tempe

"Working one-on-one with my students -- teaching them the real world of radio -- is very rewarding to me and the best education for them."
-- Mike Webb,
Music Director,
KVI, Seattle

"After the first few weeks of working with Chris Fuhs I was so impressed with him, and the course, that I've hired him as my Production Assistant and On-Air Board Op!"
-- Carl Palmer,
Production Director,
KZOK AM/FM, Seattle

"I hope you'll be sending some more students soon. Keep it up, and I'll never have to worry about where my next jock is coming from again!"
-- Todd James,
Program Director,
WAGE, Leesburg, VA

"The curriculum of Radio Connection enabled me to feel very confident in bringing Ron Moore on staff as soon as I had an opening."
-- Jake Kincaid,
Production Director,
WCNB / WIFE, Connersville, IN