Why the
Radio Connection?

Radio Connection is a very successful, unique training program that assures the student the most effective way to prepare for either full or part-time employment in the Broadcasting industry.

We believe the actual radio or television station is the best possible training ground for a beginning broadcaster. And, that the best teachers are the managers and directors of these stations.

By developing an extensive network of participating station owners and program directors across the nation, Radio Connection has created a completely new concept of broadcast training.

Why is the Radio Connection so Successful?

Radio Connection succeeds because it puts you inside the door instead of preparing to knock on doors.

Colleges and broadcasting trade schools provide an education, not experience. There is no way for these schools to re-create the dynamics of the real commercial radio station.

Our trainees learn the "real world" of broadcasting by working with professionals who announce to thousands of listeners everyday. Therefore they not only receive training, but also develop a background of proven job experience as well as industry references! The combination of all three look great on a resume!

Let's face it. Employers simply prefer to hire those with experience over those without it.

It's no wonder our placement success is so high: 90% of our graduates are hired into the broadcasting industry after completion of the program.


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"Melanie Renfro is a student of mine via Radio Connection. Now she is also an employee of mine thanks to Radio Connection."
-- Ken Scott,
Corp. Program Director,
95Q, Decatur, IL

"Howie Icenhower just completed his training and has become employed as a Weekend Announcer. He is also co-producing a weekly show."
-- Al Emerick,
Production Director,
WFYF FM, Jacksonville, FL