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All Radio Connection graduates receive job placement assistance for a period of 7 years, unlike schools who help only with that first job. Radio Connection remains a constant resource upon which you can rely as you move up in your broadcasting career. This is proven by the fact that many of our graduates have advanced to major markets and accepted such responsible positions as Program Directors and Station Managers.

Often students are hired by their training station. It's quite natural since you have an understanding of how that particular station functions, and have built a rapport with station personnel. (Not to mention that your counselor is often the person responsible for hiring and you are there when openings arise.)

Since we are in direct contact with Program Directors and Station Owners all over the country on a daily basis, we are uniquely capable of initiating your application and opening some of the most sought after doors in the world.

Your Opportunity Is Waiting

A wide variety of exciting, creative and financially rewarding jobs are available in the growing field of BROADCASTING for trained people of all ages. The Radio Connection is designed to give you the proper training, which combined with your own ambition and motivation can open the door to a challenging and glamorous career.


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"We did it again! One of my students, Harry Wright, will be gracing the airwaves at WHVR in Hanover."
-- Alexander J. Piela,
WHTF, York, PA