What Jobs Are Available?

The following are some of the many positions available at production studios, post production houses, television stations and others around the country. In our program you will be exposed to many, if not all, of these positions.


Includes: Producer, Production Manager, Line-Producer, Production Coordinator and Production Assistant.

How does making your own movies, television shows, documentaries or commercials sound? That's what producers do. They are the heart of the industry. In production you will be responsible for every facet of planning the project and putting it together. During shooting the director and actors will rely totally on you to manage the production smoothly thereby allowing them to do their jobs to the best of their ability without distraction. As an experienced production person your skills will be in great demand.


Are you the creative type? Is so this is the area for you. These are the people who make the unreal real--who turn the pages of a script into reality on the screen. In our program you will work closely with the director and the assistant directors as they shape and mold the projects through their own creative visions. You will also interact on a regular basis with the actors and extras performing in the production and, maybe, eventually direct your own major motion pictures.

Jobs are the best place to learn your career skills, especially in the Film industry.
Director Of Photography

Often called an author of light, it is the photographer's skill that turns the director's vision into an actual image, whether on film or video. Working as a camera-person in our program you will be exposed to all facets of this unique profession. You will learn the intricate inner-workings of the cameras, how to light and compose the camera shots and how to expose the film in such away that the resulting image is pleasing to the viewer. Each production big or small requires an entire team of camera personnel, making these skills very valuable in the industry.


Many jobs involve the newest technology. A Film Editing Job, for instance, will keep you up-to-date on the current computer equipment.

One of the most important positions in any film or video project, the editor is responsible for taking the thousands of pieces of film and sound and putting them together in an exact, precise and often creative manner. In our program you work closely with seasoned professionals and learn to operate the newest state-of-art digital equipment. With these technical skills the door of opportunity will be open for you in every area of the business including film studios, commercial production houses, television stations, post production houses and more.

Casting Director

The ability to deal well with people is important for success in the casting field. You'll be required to deal with famous stars on a regular basis as well as choose actors and actresses from their photographs, call them in and audition them. Then your job is to show the best of the best to the producer and director for the final decision making. This job will also teach you the inner workings of the high-powered talent agencies as well as how to negotiate and finalize the talent's contracts.

Location Manager

For this position you must enjoy traveling the world and have a keen eye for what will look good on the screen. You will discuss the locations needed with the producer and director, then you go out and find them. A mansion, an exotic beach, a mountain, the desert, whatever it may be that the script calls for. It is your job to find the most appealing locations that are the most logistically feasible for the production and make the arrangements for the use of it.

Newscaster / Reporter

Delivering the news in an informative manner is very important for success as a professional Televison news anchor. As a news person. you will also be involved in on the spot news bulletins at the actual scene. News is current and factual information that keeps the audience aware of up to date situations as they arise. You will be a respected prominent member of your community, attending civic and special meetings where important issues are resolved. Most importantly you will receive news before anyone else and become the primary source of information for the entire community. Unlike a print journalist, a televison newsperson must also be a performer. In addition to good writing and news-gathering skills, the newsperson must also possess announcing abilities and be capable of presenting the story on-the-air. According to a recent survey, the qualities that most appeal to news directors are enthusiasm, aggressiveness, energy, and inquisitiveness.

Sportscaster / Play-By-Play Announcer

Jobs in TV, radio and video houses are open to you when you have the skills from jobs in the Film industry--and vice versa.

Knowledge of sports along with a conversational delivery style is important for success as a sports anchor person. You'll be reporting live from the dugouts and benches as the coaches and players develop strategy that often determines the vital lose or win situation. You will also highlight the more human side of famous professional athletes when you do in-depth interviews as part of your televison sportscast, and maybe eventually your own sports show! The smallest cities and towns can provide opportunities for the aspiring sports announcer. In fact these days high school football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey broadcasts often attract sizeable listening audiences for the stations that carry them. In addition the vast amount of sports coverage on networks like ESPN provides a tremendous source of education for the aspiring sports announcer. All of that accumulated sports knowledge can be put to use when applied toward a sportscasting career.

Commercial Announcer / Voice Over Artist

Related industries like TV and Radio offer jobs that use the same skills as the Film industry.
Potentially one of the most lucrative broadcasting positions, a commercial announcer/ voice over artist may work for one or more stations, networks, clients or producers. Their delivery style needs to be energetic, alive and convincing in order to sell the advertiser's products or services. The regular 9 to 5 job is over if you become a success as a professional commercial announcer. It can take as little as an hour of your presence in the studio for you to do a voice over for a commercial that may air many times on radio and TV stations throughout the country. Announcers often receive residuals which means you make money every time the commercial is broadcast.


Your job is to create the commercials which are heard and seen on both radio and television. Your imagination can be the starting point for an award winning and money making commercial. You're in charge of writing scripts which communicate the client's message to the public and promote his business. Successful copywriters often expand their careers and advance to writing scripts for TV shows and movies.


The gaffer is the on-set lighting director--a very challenging and creative position. Working in this area you first have to become familiar with all the lights used on a shoot. Then you will learn how to use the light--front-light, back-light, key-light--in many different ways and, most importantly, how using it effects the particular image to be photographed for each camera shot.

Key Grip

If you are mechanically inclined then this is the area for you. As a grip on the shooting set you will work with dollies to move the camera during a shot, operate camera cranes, install mounts on cars to hold the camera steady while driving and very often be called upon to use a combination of your mechanical and creative skills to make a camera shot work the way the director envisions it.

Script Supervisor

To succeed as a script supervisor requires a very sharp eye for detail and continuity. Ever see an actor in a movie when he has something in his hand in one shot, then a second later it's gone? As the script supervisor it is your job to make sure that does not happen. During the shooting you will watch each actor's movement very carefully and make sure that movement is matched in every shot. You also keep a written record of every shot taken that will be used as a guide by the editor to piece the film together.

Art Department / Set Designer

The Art Department is responsible for the look of the film where sets and locations are concerned. On many occasions, the Art Department will be asked to design and build a set entirely from scratch or may simply be required to "dress" a set in accordance with what is called for in the script. As an apprentice in the Art Department, individuals will be involved in scouting locations, purchasing and or renting props, dressing sets, and in some cases participate in the actual construction of a set.

Make-Up & Hair

These two departments have one very important thing in common: their talents, along with the actor's performance, contribute to the creation of a distinct character in the film. Where Make-Up is concerned, it is often said that the best job is one we can't see. In effect this is true, but the make-up used on film (both its type and application) is far different than that used by, say, a woman on a daily basis. As a Make-Up intern you will assist in all phases of the process and in certain cases even work on extras on especially high-volume days. The hair apprentice should also expect to learn the special techniques and materials of the artist, including styling and the use of hairpieces.


The Wardrobe Department is responsible for the acquisition, through rental or purchase, of various wardrobe items. You will assist with the coordination and organization of these items during shooting, as well as have the opportunity to learn some tailoring. As a Wardrobe and Make-Up apprentice you will be required to deal with the talent on a regular basis.


The Sound Department is responsible for the recording of all location sound. In this department you learn microphones and their functions: which mics are used where, and why. You will work with sound recording equipment and learn how sound behaves in particular settings (a closed set versus an existing location). You also will cover what the best approaches are to record sound effectively, and how to mic both individuals and sets for optimum quality. As the Sound apprentice you will also be asked to run cable for the Boom Operator, help mic talent, learn the sound paperwork required in editing, and in some cases operate the boom.

Stunts / Pyrotechnics / Weapons

Stunts and Pyrotechnics are responsible for some of the most memorable and exciting moments in any given film. From stair falls to high falls to burns, car crashes to boat chases. This department is responsible for executing the effects that get our adrenaline pumping. You'll have the opportunity to learn the techniques of highly trained and experienced Stuntmen and Pyrotechnicians and receive detailed explanations of every stunt or effect completed in the film.

Many other jobs are available and described in the Film and TV Connection Course, including:

  • Property Master
  • Special Effects
  • Computer Animation
  • Set Construction
  • Production
  • Accounting


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