Read these pages to learn what the Film & TV Connection program is, what it does for you, and how it can not only prepare you but also launch you into an entertainment industry career.

Letter from the President
Film & TV Connection president Jimi Petulla explains what the program is all about, and what it can do for the right student.

Why the Film & TV Connection?
Find out exactly what makes the Film & TV Connection program so effective, and why it is so successful not only in training you but also in getting you a job.

What Jobs Are Available
Read descriptions of some of the many positions available at production studios, post production houses, television stations and other industry companies around the country.

Personalized Training
Learn how each student receives one-on-one instruction, and advances at their own pace.

Course Outline
Study a synopsis of the elements of the Film & TV Connection program.

Your Career In The Entertainment Industry
See a step-by-step breakdown of the training, education, and job placement services provided as part of the Film & TV Connection course.

Hear about some of the many high-profile projects on which Career Connection graduates have worked.


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"You proved to us that you do land people jobs!"
-- Steven E. Scott,
Vocational Rehabilitation