Why the
Film & TV Connection?

Film & TV Connection is a very successful, unique training program that assures the student the most effective way to prepare for either full or part-time employment in the Movie and Television industries.

We believe the actual movie studio, television station, editing facility, camera house and commercial production company is the best possible training ground for anyone who wants to break into the business. And that the best teachers available are those professionals working at the studios and stations.

You get the best education in the film studio, television station, editing facility, camera house and commercial production company.

By developing an extensive network of participating movie studios, television stations and companies from all other facets of the industry, Film and Television Connection has created a completely new concept of production training.

Why is the Film and TV Connection So Successful?

That's easy: We are successful because we put you inside the door instead of preparing you to knock on doors.
No classroom can match the film education potential of working in the field.
Film schools and colleges are very expensive--often well over one hundred thousand dollars. Though they provide you with an education, they cannot possibly re-create the dynamics of an actual working production environment. In short, you come out with no true experience. As David A. Prior, producer, writer and director of over 30 feature films once said to me, "I can't tell you how many Film school graduates I have had to retrain because, while they may have been creatively talented people, they came out of school without the slightest idea of how to put a production together in the real world."

In the film and television production industry people are hired based on their resumes and we help you build that resume by placing you in the "real world" of production during your training, allowing you to develop a proven track record in the area of the industry that you choose, as well as references from respected industry professionals.

Lets face it, employers in any field prefer to hire those with experience over those without.

It's no wonder our placement success is so high: 90% of our graduates are hired into the movie and television industry after completion of the program.


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"Only 3 months into your course, Shayna Webber's interest in casting actors for features has paid off. I have hired her to work full time in our Casting office."
-- Alyson Horn Casting,
Los Angeles, CA

"Mike Croos has been hired on to do Sound for our upcoming feature film projects. He is the second Film & TV Connection student to be trained and successfully employed here."
-- Dwight Adair,
Granite House,
Austin, TX

"The experience that your students get on a real movie set is the only way to learn the business."
-- Mark Gerard,
Paramount Pictures,
Hollywood, CA

"I have hired Pam Wiselogel to do our in house digital editing on the Avid system."
-- Bryan Hickox Pictures,
Jacksonville, FL