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Shooting a Music Video

If you want to shoot a music video, just do it. After all, you can shoot it with a digital video camera! Here's how I did it (for no money):

One night I saw an original band playing on stage at one of my favorite clubs here in New York. After their set I walked up to the guys and asked if they'd be interested in shooting a music video. Of course they said "Yes" -- especially once I explained that they could take the footage to an A&R rep to help them get a deal!

With a digital video camera borrowed from a friend, I shot the band on two separate nights at the club. I begged another friend to let me edit it (for free, naturally) on his editing bay.

After the band saw the footage they decided to pitch in $25,000 to transfer it to film, which eventually played in important part in their landing a record deal.

When the label hires a director to shoot the band's first "official" video, guess who they'll recommend?


Tony Travis
Image Transform, Inc.
New York, NY


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