A.C.M. Records: a one-stop-shop for all your music needs; including music composition and production for film, TV and recording artists; music publishing, licensing and sample clearances; product manufacturing a clearinghouse for news, with a good entertainment news section. Also offering message board forums, free e-mail and more

Gavin's Way: a little movie about the biggest decision of your life: deciding who you are." Gavin's Way is the story of three very different cousins (Eric, Nick, and Ralph) in a typical Irish american family in the suburbs of Boston

Global Movie Xtras: the worldwide film and television resource registry service. By joining GMX you could be in the movies, television, videos, even your favorite commercials

Greenlighter's Lounge: a club for people associated with Project Greenlight through Miramax

Horror Bay: horror movie reviews, rants, and horror haiku

iEntertainment: India's #1 entertainment site for people in India and abroad; featuring movies, music, theatre, television and more giving candidates tools to create an effective resume and mount an efficient job search; giving employers a targeted search for qualified candidates

Lavender Productions: a collection of downloadable screenplays and short novels

David Macdonald's Movie Reviews: includes new films, lesser known movies and many classics

Manka Bros.: the world's largest media company. With an array of world-class brands and the best corporate and divisional management, they are helping transform the global information and entertainment landscape

Proems of Primitivism and Oblivion: concerned with giving the reader a new, more visceral life through primitivist art and poetry, through primitive and inward happiness, and through fetishistic spontaneity

Pop Films: an emerging group of filmmakers, musicians, and other artists in the Atlanta/Athens area who strive to produce engaging movies and music through collaboration and community

Resource Advantage: a source directory for print photography, film and TV industries primarily in the New York metro area

RSK Christian Music: your Internet Christian directory

Sci-Fi Cinema Channel: monthly video clips of Explorers From Earth, a new sci-fi adventure show, plus sci-fi movie reference list, links and more

SF Station: guide to San Francisco arts & culture, entertainment, food, shopping and lifestyle. In-depth and up-to-date coverage on events, clubs, live music shows, film, theatre, galleries, museums and more

TV Jobs (broadcast employment services): an Internet-based employment service dedicated to helping you find employment in the highly competitive broadcast marketplace

Video Farm: offering powerful yet affordable tools and services (needed to create, manage, and distribute video content) within the space of a creative online community


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