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Keep Learning!

For more than 22 years I have worked full-time in the broadcasting industry. I've been on air in several major markets and have programmed in medium to large markets. Yet I am still learning everyday. I haven't yet "arrived."

Every day I teach a staff of hungry jocks, but I learn from our station consultant every week! I'm still soaking it all up, and making myself a an intergral part of the organization.

What is true for me at this stage in my career is even more so for people just entering the field.

When you land that first gig, no matter where you land it, learn everything you can. Immerse yourself in your position. Do it to the best of your ability. Don't go in thinking you "know it all." If you do, you won't last in radio.

By learning everything you can about any job you get in radio, you make yourself a very valuable and essential piece of the puzzle. And don't think PD's and GM's won't notice!

Learn to love aircheck sessions -- especially the ones where your PD beats up your performance. Take notes, and learn from your mistakes.

Learn to love outside promotions. You're a DJ and you talk to a listener on the phone? Once you shake their hand and meet their kids you become their friend.

In short, at that first gig:

  • swallow your pride,
  • admit you know nothing, and
  • learn all you possibly can.

This attitude will assist you very well in your career, no matter where you want that career to take you.


Mike Lee
Program Director
95.3 WALV Alive 95
Chattanooga, TN


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