Prep and Production Services

AdWWWorks: supplying fast, high-quality radio copy at reasonable rates. If your station's copy department is overloaded, AdWWWorks can provide immediate help. If you don't have an on-site creative staff, AdWWWorks is a cost-effective alternative

audiobuyu: where you the customer pay one low price and own the rights to your own custom radio spots, on hold messages, email audio greetings, audio loops, music beds and sound tracks. CD, DAT, Cassette, MP3 or WAV

The "Complete" Sheet: daily cutting-edge radio show prep from the former producers of "Rick Dees" and "Mark & Brian"

The Daily .WAV: annoying your cubemates and providing radio prep/drop-ins since 1995

DCMIX: the best radio sound images collection

Funny Firm: comedy, jokes and show prep for radio personalities, writers, and public speakers

InterPrep.Com: tons of free and fee-based show prep materials, plus talent tips, articles and a lively discussion board

Ed LaComb Audio Imaging: an audio production studio that serves the imaging needs of radio stations and commercial clients throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean

Brad Lake Productions: a new voiceover company providing male and female voices for the radio industry. They can provide solutions for all your station imaging needs. MP3 delivery available

MegaPrep: Brought to you by the former producers of "Rick Dees" and "Mark & Brian," MegaPrep is the newest and most powerful idea sharing network for radio personalities

Rave Studios: a cutting-edge integrated audio and video facility at which clients can have their entire project completed


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"Thank you for the opportunity to work with Radio Connection. It has turned out to be a very positive step for my radio career."
-- John Perry,
Afternoon Personality,
WIIL, Kenosha, WI