AC Radio: news, station listings, charts, and more for Adult Contemporary radio

Alabama Broadcast Media: up-to-date and comprehensive listing of Alabama radio and television stations

Audio Graphics: committed to using the Internet for broadcast ad sales. Site includes daily news and statistics on how the Internet affects broadcast advertising

Broadcast Media Listings: a free service connecting buyers and sellers of broadcast properties

Canadian Radio
: online resources for Canada's radio industry, including a message board, live radio feeds, prep services and more

CannyLink Internet Guide: long lists of music-related resource links

Chris Carmichael's Media Page: radio, TV and other media links an assortment of links related to radio commercial production

Current Wave Media: a quick reference for those involved or seeking to be involved in the media

DC Radio & TV: news, formats, e-mail, station histories, technical specifications, commentary and more, updated daily, for Washington DC, Baltimore, Frederick, Hagerstown, Annapolis, Winchester, Warrenton and Fredericksburg

Dr. Chuck's Long Island Radio Dial: a list of stations in the area

HaLife: packed with news, humor, and self-help ideas for radio personalities and anyone else who is dangerously close to becoming too serious

The Jersey Shore Radio Guide: A comprehensive guide to radio at the New Jersey Shore with the latest radio news in the NY/NJ/PA/DE area

KRUD Radio: for broadcasters, those that want to be broadcasters, those that were broadcasters but couldn't hack it, and those of you that listen to radio; an in-your-face look at the inside workings of commercial radio in the U.S. interactive audio and video classifieds

New York Radio: news and resources for radio in the New York area

Northwest Broadcasters: a comprehensive site for information and links to all the AM/FM and TV stations (including DRB and DTV) in northwest Washington and southwest British Columbia

NY Radio & TV: news, formats, e-mail, station histories, technical specifications, commentary and more, updated daily, for New Jersey, Long Island, southwestern Connecticut, Westchester/Rockland, southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware

OneVos Broadcasting Guide: THE place to find all the information you want about broadcast television and radio stations throughout Iowa and the Midwest

PrepWeb: the world-wide radio show prep network

Radio Clubhouse
: a friendly place for radio announcers to hang out and exchange tales of dead air, bad copy, embarrassing moments and best promotions. Aircheck analysis for audition tapes and on-air critique

Radio College: providing resources and information for radio producers with an emphasis on producers who work in public radio. Supported by the National Endowment for the Arts a non-subscriber site for radio professionals, agencies and advertisers, including creative copy ideas, lead lines, useful information, interesting tips and more

RadioDirectory: an index of radio-related internet resources designed for the radio professional; routinely upgraded and growing steadily, with new links added daily a directory of links especially selected for people who work in the radio industry

Radio Online: a deep resource, including FCC news and notices, airchecks, show prep, job opportunities, marketing and promotion info, programming stats, ratings, and much more

The Radio Register
: the definitive Internet resource for recruitment and employment within professional UK radio

Radiosmith: for broadcast radio professionals and enthusiasts. Free daily show prep, useful links, a forum page and information on how to set up your own studio with little more than a computer, a professional quality microphone and $500 to $800 in software

Search Beat: job and career resources for the media, including TV, print and radio

Six Lies on Videotape: information on broadcasting including stations, careers, production and much more

Stay Tuned: a collection of Canadian broadcasting "stuff," including station listings, news, engineering tips and more

TVRadioWorld: an information directory dealing with the radio and television broadcasting industry worldwide, including listings to local radio and TV stations on the Web, local television broadcast stations throughout North and South America, broadcast, cable and satellite networks and service providers and more

Voiceline: a meeting place for voice over artists and the people who hire them


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"Half way through the course Vic Conrady secured a part-time air position at WAWK in Kendalville. Upon completing the course he began working full time at WQTZ."
-- Doug Silver,
Operations Manager,
WJLT, Fort Wayne, IN

"Working one-on-one with my students -- teaching them the real world of radio -- is very rewarding to me and the best education for them."
-- Mike Webb,
Music Director,
KVI, Seattle

"Faith Foreman is now employed with WLTJ, handling a midnight-to-6 a.m. shift with the station as she completes her coursework."
-- Peter Morley,
PD, Announcer,
WLTJ / WRRK, Pittsburgh

"We hired Jeffrey Chung to do Digital Music Editing and Voices for the commercials. Why? He was in the right place at the right time."
-- Jeff Garcia,
KPWR, Los Angeles

"Within a few weeks of beginning the course, Steve Phillips landed a job on WLIR-AM right outside New York City."
-- Mike Lobarto,
Public Affairs,
WFME, New Jersey

"Ronny Prescott landed a gig at KIX Radio. The Program Director said Ronny had a much better delivery style on his demo tapes than any of the applicant, including several broadcasting college graduates."
-- Lee Gordon,
WRXK / WXKB, Estero, FL

"Your one-on-one approach is what drew me into being interested in your program. Thank you for rekindling my love for the business by teaching one of your students."
-- Susan Browning,
Metro Networks, New York

"Craig Olson has landed a job with KDTH in Dubuque, Iowa. It doesn't surprise me that he has a job so quickly: Radio Connection gave him a huge advantage over other applicants."
-- Bob Welch,
Galena / Dubuque