Showcases and Promotion

AFS Student Video Contest: college or high school students looking for a place to showcase their film or video work should check this out. It's time you win the recognition you deserve!
(Submit and Watch Films for Free!): an online theater established for the independent filmmaker. You can view free streaming films and submit your film for free. There are also links to film chat, film schools, film festivals, celebrities, and much more

Black and Brown Shorts: providing opportunities for exhibition of independent films by African American and Hispanic American filmmakers with their monthly showcase of short films, where filmmakers get instant feedback on thier films as the audience and a panel of judges vote for the Best Film a portal for independent filmmakers, with the goal of financing and producing original stories for the screen

Film Festivals Pro: a very-well designed site with excellent information for film makers, including film festival descriptions and dates, promotion tips and much more

Film Forum: New York's leading movie house for independent premieres and repertory programming

Film, Video and New Media Festival: an opportunity for your work to be viewed and accepted by the powers that be, within the local Canadian and international film community

: a boutique film festival catering to both filmmakers and industry executives by creating an arena to view, buy or sell films, of all genres, in an entertaining atmosphere, that is conducive to promoting careers in filmmaking.

Flicker: the site for the alternative cinematic experience, where you'll find films and videos that transgress the boundaries of the traditional viewing experience

Fluffy Time: a digital cinematheque and cyber salon showcasing the works of idiot's avant productions, a Los Angeles-based creative collective. Featuring streaming digital films, fiction, essays, art, and humor

Global Film and Media Access: an interactive Web site for the entertainment industry. Includes project exchange, catalog marketplace, film and media industry guide, and more

I Can Be A Star Put Me On TV: How can you be on TV when you are not a professional actor/actress? They'll give you the information. Reality TV shows, game shows, talk shows, dance, singers, models, etc. Casting calls are posted for free; no membership required.

Independent Film Depot: offering independent filmmakers a free forum to place their films and merchandise for sale

Independent Film Society: see interesting films on the big screen that you couldn't otherwise without attending film festivals at Sundance, Cannes, Palm Springs, or Seattle

Independent Review Room: aiming to assist film makers to the best of their ability. Amateur film services include low-budget film reviews, promotion of budget companies, advertisements for their offers and wants, and help locating a film distributor for the UK/Europe. built to showcase the artistry of independent filmmakers. Whether you're a film buff, net surfer, or someone in the film industry, there's something here for you the place for screenwriters. Period. Submit your screenplays online for free to a company that can make a difference

Kinotonik Motion Picture Arts: an extremely clean, well-designed site. Their mission is: Produce and promote vangard films of the surreal and sublime; explore new cinematic forms and functions dedicated to the creation, distribution and exhibition of films on-line

ReelMind: a FREE Internet community offering filmmakers, animators, writers and composers global promotion through streaming media and personal websites created to provide an almost infinite audience for budding film-makers and their films, using QuickTime technology

Underground Pictures: formed to channel the creative energies of budding filmmakers, writers, and others in the entertainment industry; establishing for them a home of creative expression. Now accepting submissions of feature-length, fresh, cutting edge, character-driven screenplays to produce

Vantage Point Entertainment: develops venues (such as such as nightclubs, restaurants, coffee houses, cafes, bookstores and university campuses) that promote and exhibit independent films via "VPE Screening Theaters," which include state-of-the-art LCD projectors, 8-12 foot screens and digital theater sound systems

Weak & Foolish Productions: In the business of independent film and TV production? Use their free "Megapitch Submit" feature to reach potential investors. Search their talent links and filmmakers bookstore

Year0: Year 0 is the end of history. Year 0 is the start of the revolution. records the birth. Send them your video or one sheet from the dawn of the end of time and they will present it to the world.


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Video Clips

"Shannon Roy was hired on last month to do computer animation and special effects."
-- Vision Art,
Los Angeles, CA

"After only 6 months in the program, Mark Nelson has been doing digitizing and editing for our feature film that is currently in post production."
-- Jim Andre,
Film Branch,
Chicago, IL

"After spending thousands of dollars and graduating at the New York Film Academy, I couldn't get into one door. One phone call to your company and I'm on a $10 million motion picture. Thank you!"
-- Paul Closkey,
New York, NY

"College courses CANNOT give a student the real world experience that Film & TV Connection provides."
-- Damon Alberts,
Center City Film,
Philadelphia, PA

"Travis King is already working on a picture with Whitney Houston and Mirna Sorvino, called 'Wise Girls.' "
-- Eric Bryce,
Lions Share Pictures,
Los Angeles, CA