Production Services

Ace Pix International, Inc. Film Studio
: Misfit Patrol movie, Mafia Lady, news, cast, trailer, sweepstakes, freelinks, T-shirts, jackets, caps, etc. directly at wholesale prices, entertainment news, and more

Armageddon Productions: creators of the 1997 home video release "Bloodletting," they develop and produce feature films, digital visual effects and music and movie soundtracks. They have also developed screenplays for other companies, such as Full Moon Pictures' "Witchouse" and "Alien Arsenal," and Regent Entertainment's upcoming "The Brotherhood"

Assembler Films: a company that has shot and released films in Italy, Japan, India, the U.S. and Canada, to name a few

Big Pain Productions: one of the first internet based movie production companies. Dedicated to independent and amateur film makers and actors throughout the world

Blokland Pictures: specializing in the development, production, and distribution of feature film drama; serving the international specialty marketplace

Brainwave: in the business of producing their own peculiar brand of entertainment for over a decade: films, radio plays, songs, etc. on the smallest budgets imaginable

Brandon Post Productions: providing professional audio recording, audio post production, music production and audio mastering services

Brillig Productions: exploring creative areas of filmmaking; developing narratives that range from the fanciful to the bizarre, visual designs that push the limits of independent cinema, and story-telling techniques that are inspired and inspirings

Calma-Borovcanin-Calma Productions: a non-profit, amateur film/video production company created by three Carleton University students, located in Ottawa, Canada

Cambridge Films: an independent production company

Clang Buzz Thump: creative music for commercials, television, multimedia, film and video, and the web

Clocking Off Productions: giving first time filmmakers a chance to realise their dreams, by hiring trainees on the set

Cogito Ergo Sum Productions: an independent company devoted to low budget filmmaking

Coten Films: an independent film production company specialising in corporate and private video work, Web design and new media. Responsible for the action comedy feature film "Cop on the Edge IX" and the forthcoming "Days' End"

Crystal Pyramid: broadcast video production company in San Diego, California

Dega Lazare Productions: movies and other multimedia productions being made in the small town of Kahnawake by teens. From action/adventure to horror and comedy, it's all there

Digital Black Limited
: a production / post-production / casting company in Auckland, New Zealand

Dixon-Cain Productions: an independent entertainment production company specializing in music video and film production located in Los Angeles, California

Documentary Educational Resources (DER): produce, distribute and promote anthropological and documentary films and videos

Emerald Oceans Entertainment: a multi-media company with film and music divisions. Founded in 1995 as a film production company it has evolved into its current broader base, which is helping it establish its place in the industry

The Farnham Film Company: a UK-based TV production company interested in co-production--particularly of children's programming

Filmcraft Film Studios: a group of amateur filmmakers who banded together to create a sci-fi adventure movie using computer animation

Film Forum: New York's leading movie house for independent premieres and repertory programming

Firefly Entertainment: established in 1994 to allow aspiring talents and interested persons to achieve their goals in film, television, and theatre. The group has won multiple awards, is comprised of members of all ages, and is based in west central Pennsylvania

Firelight Studios: a full digital film production studio offering opportunity to the amateurs and professionals alike

Flint Hills Studio: a film and video production complex in Andover, KS

Full Moon Productions: northern California-based video and television production company specializing in cable and local projects. Join their mailing list to stay current on news, casting calls and current productions

Harrington Productions: content creators for video, film and new media. Based in Maui, Hawaii, they supply field production packages, crew and post production. Client list includes ABC-Sports, ESPN, E! Entertainment, NBC, BBC and The Discovery Channel

Headscrew: working entirely in the film medium, they provide affordable commercial shoots for local Seattle businesses, create traditional clay, cel, line and computer animations and also stage location shoots for studios who are unable to re-locate a full crew for short periods of time

Hellfire Productions: independent DV (digital video) horror filmmakers

Hoopty Studios: describing themselves as "The Cheapest Movie Studio on the Planet!"

Iconoclastic Entertainment: dedicated to finding and creating the finest screenplays on the planet

Image Producers: a full service video and multimedia production company working on a local, regional, national, and international basis. Their creative staff works together to develop the concept, write the script, shoot the footage, and take the project through post-production to deliver the finished product

imMEDIAte Movies: film buying and selling, production, involvement, co-production, sfx, animation, financing, screen-writing, special makeup, animitronics and more

Integrated Data Bar: their mission is to be a one-stop integrated resource for professional service companies that work within the entertainment industry, to offer independent producers and distributors access to high quality professional services at an affordable price

IPC Films: IPC is a production company looking for ideas, projects, scripts, talent, and investors

Jam Productions a San Francisco Bay Area video/film company that does broadcast quality commercials, special event filming, indie film projects, multi-media and more

Jam Session Productions: a minority/woman-owned midwest-based film and multimedia company whose projects have included music videos, commercials and PSA's, training films, industrial films, TV program segments and more

Jelmack Productions: founded by Chris Mack and Jason Licht in 1998, and committed to making digital movies for film, television, and the Web

Jetstream Films: a film and TV production company based in the north east of England. Their aim is to produce quality productions through their own development or by helping production companies worldwide

Kaizen Films: their mission is to develop new technologies and techniques to enhance the production of motion pictures, while maintaining cinema as an art form

KC ENTERPRISES-Professional Audio Production: specializing in audio production for television and radio commercials, informational and industrial productions, multimedia and web site, automated telephone systems and on-hold messaging. You'll like what you hear

Norman Kent Productions: a leader in aerial cinematography and photography for the past 20 years, providing exciting images for feature films, television, commercials, sports events and printed media. A "turn key" operation providing its clients with all services necessary to take any project from concept to completion

Kinetic Image Co., Ltd.: an Ohio-based motion picture production company that, for nearly twenty years, have specialized in creating exciting motion picture entertainment on budgets that would shame a cat. They created a number of well-received cult items which have graced the schedules of the USA Network and Cinemax

Kiwi Film & Video, Asia: a Hong Kong and Singapore based film and video production service company catering to a broad range of clients from around the world; fully-equipped camera crews is their specialty

Littleton Brothers FX: visual special effects; their resume includes "What Dreams May Come," "Titanic," "Independence Day," "Starship Troupers" and many more

Location Management, Inc.: supplies locations for your still photography, television and film productions. Their location library encompasses a broad range of architectural styles, interior decors and exterior properties

Marquiss Bros. Film Productions: dedicated to bringing you the best in high quality entertainment. Their site will include books and articles on some of the secrets of special effects, animation and movie making

Matrixx Entertainment: The World's First Virtual Movie Studio(tm). Services include: producing, financing and distributing independent feature films; Web site, production and legal consulting for entertainment clients; books and manuals on filmmaking and more

Moondog Film Company Inc.: a film production company based in Toronto, Canada, producing award-winning dramatic and commercial productions

Miracle Motion Pictures: working to assemble a talented group of actors, writers, producers, directors, camera persons, makeup artists, lighting specialists, music directors, etc. from the New England area who wish to volunteer their time in order to bring to life independent films that would otherwise never be made

MPTV: offering on-location video production, graphics and animation design, AVID video post production, Macromedia Director authoring, and many more services

Mundiali Entertainment: providing a venue for the production of lower cost motion pictures ($15 and $20 million each) and television programming (based on a cooperative agreement between Mundiali and either a television network or special project investors)

Neo-Tech Integrated Productions: ensemble group 10,000+ strong to produce science-fiction movie and distribute profits among members. Work for all: actors, crew, musicians needed. See site for membership information

Parallel Afternoon Productions: independent thinkers with a vision that strives to be unequaled

PH Productions: services include business and personal consulting and coaching, project development, script writing, video production, video biographies, television programs, infomercials, commercials, photography and 3-d animation

Prema Productions: produces independent feature films in the $500K to $5M budget range. Contact us for a free consultation on your next feature

Production Construction: a western North Carolina based production service "in the business of making movies happen."

Production Services Arizona: since 1971, providing quality, production services in the areas of video, multimedia, and animation graphics. Serving clients worldwide from Korea to France, South America to Canada in medium to high budget corporate marketing and training venues. Full collateral support through PS/A's graphics dept.

RCW Media Works: an independent production company that realizes that it is not the size of your budget that determines quality, it is the dedication and heart that you put into your projects

River Productions: an independent film company located in Los Angeles, CA, headed by Michael J. Isgrig (writer, director, producer), Lynn C. Grant (writer, producer) and Kym R. Wulfe (executive producer, head of business and legal affairs)

Roman Pictures: a motion picture production company which primarily produces "budget-controlled" feature-length movies that are licensed for distribution and exploitation in the direct-to-video, cable, TV and satellite markets

Running Dog Films: a new British film company dedicated to making films using cheap and affordable technology combined with proven no/lo budget production practices

Sharpshooter Worldwide: a television production company that specializes in on location filming, any where in the world. Their motto is: "We don't go after awards or publicity. We just do the work." film and video production crew resource. Find professional film or video production crew and facilities in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Pacific, South America or the world. An international network of professional production crew and facilities

Smorgasbord Productions: a small company involved in the production of multimedia. Film, video, animation, graphic art and comic books are their products

Songwind, Inc. Music and Film Production Company: a site for artists helping out artists

Spot the Genius: offering music production and promotion, graphic/imaging, Web/Internet design and production, photo/video services and more

Startap Pictures: an independent film company in Ontario run by a bunch of teens

Suede Interactive: an in-house production facility (located in the NY Metro area) for radio and TV commercials, audio/video/film productions and Internet services (Web site design, search engine placement, e-commerce and hosting)

Tangled Web Productions: a feature film production company that writes, directs, and produces their own projects. They currently have four projects in development

Terrazas Video: Southern Arizona's largest production facility. Film, video, grip, lighting and stage. Visit their Web site for a complete list of resources

TEWS Entertainment: founded by Tim Sullivan and Erik Woods in 1995, responsible for "Of Fortune and Glory," winner of the Best Picture award at the 2000 REwind Video Awards in Calgary

Thrae Entertainment: your source for no-budget moviemaking on the Web. Provides information and insight into the world of movies without the burden of large financial resources, a place for moviemakers to share their experiences and information about their films

Unknown Productions: independent movie production with distribution from Cinematrix releasing, giving the world another entertainment choice

Variety Plus Enterprises, Inc.: serving the lower Westchester and New York City community since 1984. They specialize in creating stories, screenplays, and feature length motion pictures

Video Village: provides video assist equipment and operators for feature films, commercials, and music videos. "Maximum Risk," "Beloved" and "The Sixth Sense" are all part of their credits

videoVue Communications, Inc.: providing a full range of video related-services for business and individuals

Walden Enterprises: Minnesota's fresh new video production company, specializing in video production for non-profits

Walnut Grove Productions: the independent film/TV production company of Susan Frost and Candy Jensen. Their movie, "Victory Road," is an adult drama with a sense of humor. It blends mystery, action, a diverse and non-stereotypical cast of characters, metaphysical elements, and a strong "classic blues" musical background to create a unique, refreshing viewing experience with broad audience appeal

The Woofenill Works, Inc.: an independent production company specialized, experienced and recognized in the various fields necessary for the creation, development, packaging, production, marketing, licensing and, ultimately, distribution of viable properties for motion pictures

World Filmworks: a company designed to create musical/theatre productions, music videos, commercials, and short films, with an eye toward the ever-increasing presence of the Internet as the future of distribution

Young Man Kang Films: a writer/director with more than 20 films and more than 50 TV commercials in his portfolio


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Video Clips

"The experience that your students get on a real movie set is the only way to learn the business."
-- Mark Gerard,
Paramount Pictures,
Hollywood, CA

"I have hired Pam Wiselogel to do our in house digital editing on the Avid system."
-- Bryan Hickox Pictures,
Jacksonville, FL

"For this business, your program is the best thing to come along since the 'talkies.' "
-- David Prior,
DTP, Inc.,
Theodore, AL

"Film & TV Connection student Mark Martelli is now producing for us."
-- Bryan Hickox Pictures,
Jacksonville, FL

"In this business, connections are everything -- more important than education."
-- Damon Alberts,
Center City Film,
Philadelphia, PA

"I have hired Mike Marovich in our camera department for 'Wish,' our upcoming $8 million feature starring Christopher Walken."
-- Will Robertson,
Summerland Pictures,
New York/Los Angeles

"Sasha Parulis has been hired on to do special effects and editing."
-- Blue Visual Effects,
Philadelphia, PA

"Teresa Bryant spent her first day of training working with the location manager for John Singleton's upcoming feature."
-- Dixon/Caine Productions,
Los Angeles, CA

"Marina Giokas has been hired as an editor through our company."
-- Darius Films,
Toronto, Canada

"Jeff Giordano has been a great asset to my camera department."
-- Stephen Beals,
Caelesis Productions,
Portland, Oregon

"Derek Koen is working on a film for HBO."
-- Tony Travise,
2-Tone Films,
New York, NY

"On my first day I was introduced to Chazz Palminteri and Jennifer Tilly. Four months into the program I was hired to work on the set!"
-- Sean Chou,
Newman Tooley Productions

"Shannon Roy was hired on last month to do computer animation and special effects."
-- Vision Art,
Los Angeles, CA

"After only 6 months in the program, Mark Nelson has been doing digitizing and editing for our feature film that is currently in post production."
-- Jim Andre,
Film Branch,
Chicago, IL

"After spending thousands of dollars and graduating at the New York Film Academy, I couldn't get into one door. One phone call to your company and I'm on a $10 million motion picture. Thank you!"
-- Paul Closkey,
New York, NY

"College courses CANNOT give a student the real world experience that Film & TV Connection provides."
-- Damon Alberts,
Center City Film,
Philadelphia, PA

"Travis King is already working on a picture with Whitney Houston and Mirna Sorvino, called 'Wise Girls.' "
-- Eric Bryce,
Lions Share Pictures,
Los Angeles, CA

"College degrees and resumes mean very little in this business -- it's definitely who you know."
-- Sherwood Jones,
Tapestry Films,
Beverly Hills, CA

"Glen Lezma has been hired on as 2nd Assistant Director for the upcoming Salma Hayek film titled "In the Time of the Butterflies" for ShowTime Network."
-- Eric Bryce,
Lion's Share Pictures,
Los Angeles, CA

"Your students have a considerable edge over any students educated in a traditional classroom."
-- Mark Gerard,
Paramount Pictures,
Hollywood, CA

"Ryan Peterson joined our staff as a full-time employee and manager of our sound stage."
-- Pat Harman,
Picture This,
Portland, OR

"Career Connection provides more practical training in at least half the time, with a 100% higher job placement rate than conventional schools."
-- Steve Chapralis, M.A.,
Vocational Rehab Counselor