1st-Impact Resumes & Career Strategies: employment and career-related resources and tools including professional resume writing/development services

The 8mm Film Format Metadirectory: all things small-format film and a whole lot more

Absolute Movies: combines worldwide film sites and related fields into a web site both useful and entertaining. Offers daily news updates and links to film news, top broadcasting sites, film studies programs and much more

Acting Up: online resources including acting sites, screenwriting resources, production information, photographers, industry reference sites and musicians

Action-Cut-Print!: film directing tips, film making resources and a free monthly ezine for film and TV directors

Applause: tips, tricks, and secrets that will launch your music performance or production career provides a multitude of links of value to visual and performing artists

Aspen Valley Film: a production guide featuring locations, award winning directors, producers and cinematographers for the Aspen Colorado area a film industry resource site, geared toward film industry professionals and the public at large; with up-to-the-moment industry news, film industry links, services such as movie scheduling, budgeting and other industry info

Best Of Austin: your guide to online resources in the Austin, TX metro area. A very thorough site!

AV Avenue: the Web's best resource for audiovisual news, tools and technology

Alex Ayuli's Idealize: a website devoted to music, music video and film. Contains links to a vast library of film schools, production houses, indie film sites, and music videos as well as relevant book and music reviews

Beatnik Home Entertainment: home of the best in documentary films and reality programming available on home video in North America; also features indie film news, company video store, a newsletter and other related info

Big Bee Infomedia Limited: professional training in non-linear editing on an Avid media composer

The British Screenwriting Institute: offering FREE screenwriting resources and a lively discussion group run by active industry professionals. For new and intermediate screenwriters. Open now

Broadcast Net: the broadcast industry's home page

Cameras Rolling: a beginning/intermediate level resource for videography hobbyists. Amateur videography secrets for making affordable amateur feature-length movies, music videos, and skits, including tips on scripting, costuming, designing sets, shooting, and editing

CanadianActor Online: a web portal dedicated to Canadian actors as well as to film, television and theatre personnel; includes over 2,600 links, discussion boards, articles and more

Canadian Broadcasting and Film Guide: a directory of television and radio stations, film companies, satellite services, publications and more an online talent database for the independent motion picture film, television, theater and other entertainment industries around the world

Cinema-4-U: offering relevant information to movie enthusiasts, casual viewers, concerned responsible parents and anyone aspiring for a career in the motion picture industry

CinemaGap: dedicated to putting filmmakers in touch with other filmmakers, student filmmakers and filmgoers

: dedicated to promoting alternative and independent Chicano cinema

Cinema Sites: terrific source of resource links

Current Wave Media: a quick reference for those involved or seeking to be involved in the media

The Daily Diffs: Recent news from Hollywood

DC Radio & TV: news, formats, e-mail, station histories, technical specifications, commentary and more, updated daily, for Washington DC, Baltimore, Frederick, Hagerstown, Annapolis, Winchester, Warrenton and Fredericksburg

The Definitive Film Links Resource: the name says it all

Ron Dexter: a cameraman with more than 30 years of filmmaking and teaching experience, Ron offers a wealth of valuable information on his site.

Director's Cut: a resource for the emerging filmmaker, including news, book reviews, links and more information for viewers of documentary films, as well as resources and news for filmmakers

Electron Film: the Web's premiere film source, including tons of links

Eric's Film Links: a collection of film-related Web sites

Everything Showbiz: the search engine for entertainment professionals, including facilities, associations, production companies, equipment, transportation, and much more

FilmCrew: a film site directory

FilmFolks: film and TV industry directory a directory for filmmakers and film lovers

Film Monthly: an online magazine offering reviews, commentary, and regurgitations on film, video, television and popular culture

Film Music: the industry's source for information, education and communication. Includes a broad variety of resources for film music composers

Film Tech: the industry's site to talk shop

Film Vision: a one-stop Internet resource for independent film and video producers

Film World: one-stop shop for DVDs, videos, trailers and industry news, including streamed exclusive interviews with stars, directors and industry folks

The Flik Spot: featuring movie news, release dates, reviews, trailers, posters, toys and much more

Flipside Movie Emporium: weekly movie reviews, interviews and articles, and more; covering everything from Hollywood hits to indie films and low-budget B-movies

The Greatest Films: commentary and historical background, reference material, vintage film posters and more for classic films

Green Room Orlando: a filmmaker's online resource

Hollywood Highrolling Film and Video Association: includes a directory of filmmakers, talents, and services across the United States and expanding internationally all over the world. Visit HHFVA to research and question the people that make movies

Hollywood North Online: Toronto, Canada's complete online film and entertainment directory resources for the independent filmmaker

IndieClub: the premier site for networking with other filmmakers and videomakers all over the world

Indie Film North: forums for independent filmmakers, regarding low budget / no budget filmmaking, special effects, your latest projects, and more

Indie Films Online: an online source for independent short films and feature motion pictures

IndustryCentral: the motion picture and television industry professional's first stop, with industry news and information, comprehensive searchable database of links, (professional's resumes online) writers' exchange, discussion boards, auctions and classifieds, weathercasts, travel service, chat, and more

InFocus Forum: aimed at helping mainly amateur filmmakers produce a good quality film. It's updated every month with new informative articles, festivals, and information on filmmaking the name says it all

Knowledge Hound: Learn how now! From filmmaking to breadmaking and basketball to study hall, Knowledge Hound™ is the world's biggest how-to directory. It's fun, fast, and free an online community of, by and for all independent film and videomakers. Join and expand the community!

Light and Shadow: commentary on filmmaking, from writing the script to editing the final product; plus film reviews, articles, and a journal on the making of a short film

The Mad Screenwriter: a free resource directory for writers, filmmakers, actors, artists and musicians. Their special fiction feature, "Memos From the Edge," a satire on the life of a Hollywood screenwriter, includes a photo gallery, interviews and the infamous "Lost Screenplay"

Maximum Movies: a movie review site with several pictures and information for each movie, including trailers, credits, taglines, photo galleries and the review. Up-to-date news, downloads, chat rooms, message boards and free-mail

Mel's Internet Universe: featuring the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide, Mel's Hawaii and more!

Monarch Films, Inc.: one of the leaders in the distribution of documentary films and reality programming to broadcast TV worldwide. Includes detailed synopses, reviews, and streamed promos of Monarch's 120 hours of programming; a submission area for filmmakers wanting to submit their programming to Monarch; indie film info resources

The Movie Making Center: film and video productions related resources. This site is dedicated to both amateur and professional movie makers

Movie Sound Page: the Internet's definitive source for the motion picture sound experience

MY Entertainment WORLD: a global resource for the special needs of motion pictures, television, recording, live theater, models, talents, performers, casting directors, agents, photographers, stylists and all professionals working in the fields of modeling, acting, entertainment

Next Wave Films: providing a diversity of support to emerging filmmakers linking you to the best post-production stuff on the 'Net

NW Arts (Northwest Arts): includes a self-serve Networking Center, where you can find out what's going on, and post info to share with others in the arts community. You'll also find tons of links, and can add your own

NY Radio & TV: news, formats, e-mail, station histories, technical specifications, commentary and more, updated daily, for New Jersey, Long Island, southwestern Connecticut, Westchester/Rockland, southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware gateway to the film and video production community featuring directories, classified ads, production news, Web resources, forums, free e-mail boxes and much more

REwind Video Magazine: a non-profit video magazine (actually on video) distributed by subscription around the world. It features the people and work of low-to-no budget moviemaking, with segments detailing production tricks and stories on different companies and projects

R-Star Productions: film-related links and other resources for the industry

SoundSpeed Movie Database: dedicated to production sound mixers, boom operators, cable pullers, or anyone interested in what and how the sound crew works on a film or television set

Super8 Images Machine: practical knowledge and resources for making films in the Super8 format, including film stock, equipment, supplies and more an online community for the entertainment industry

Talentos Net: spanish, portuguese, brazilian, mexican, latino, hispanic actors, and entertainment professionals on the web

The Dave Taylor Home Page: a collection of film-related resources, including articles, a mailing list, a bulletin board and more, as well as links to many other helpful sites online resource with links to more than 8,000 film-related sites

Television Production Reference Page: providing reference information to videographers regarding the exciting and fast-paced field of television production

Tinselnet: the official resource for starving artists; a valuable resource for anyone involved with the Las Vegas cultural scene

Toronto Student Filmmakers Yellow Pages: their mission is to create an environment where young filmmakers can network and find all the resources they need; employment, crews, etc. a resource to broadcast TV and related sites, including news, links and much more; all organized into a logical and helpful format

TV Cameramen: a community of cameramen who share their experiences, their knowledge and their interests with other cameramen. Students and those interested in behind-the-scenes can learn about the wonderful profession of camera work

TvRadioWorld: Internet broadcast directory and radio/television stations web listings the search engine for film and video production facilities, services and technologies

Video, Film & TV World: a communications group with all the information related to video, film, television, production and postproduction in Mexico and the world

West Virginia Filmmaker: an independent link to mountain state filmmaking, including news of film and video activity, book reviews, free classifieds, profiles, etc.

Writers Web Site: information and resources for authors and screenwriters around the world

Dr. Rainer Zwisler's Film and Film Databases: a list of interesting links


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Video Clips

"Thanks for providing us two very qualified interns, both of whom are now working in the industry"
-- Damon Alberts,
Center City Film,
Philadelphia, PA

"Your student Donna Keller survived when we threw her in the trenches on Gus Van Sant's current project, so we decided to hire her on our production staff."
-- Theresa,
Lions Gate Pictures,
New York, NY

"Only 3 months into your course, Shayna Webber's interest in casting actors for features has paid off. I have hired her to work full time in our Casting office."
-- Alyson Horn Casting,
Los Angeles, CA

"I wish I had heard of you before I went off to film school."
-- David Miller,
New Line Cinema,
New York, NY

"Mike Croos has been hired on to do Sound for our upcoming feature film projects. He is the second Film & TV Connection student to be trained and successfully employed here."
-- Dwight Adair,
Granite House,
Austin, TX

"The experience that your students get on a real movie set is the only way to learn the business."
-- Mark Gerard,
Paramount Pictures,
Hollywood, CA

"I have hired Pam Wiselogel to do our in house digital editing on the Avid system."
-- Bryan Hickox Pictures,
Jacksonville, FL

"For this business, your program is the best thing to come along since the 'talkies.' "
-- David Prior,
DTP, Inc.,
Theodore, AL

"Film & TV Connection student Mark Martelli is now producing for us."
-- Bryan Hickox Pictures,
Jacksonville, FL

"In this business, connections are everything -- more important than education."
-- Damon Alberts,
Center City Film,
Philadelphia, PA

"I have hired Mike Marovich in our camera department for 'Wish,' our upcoming $8 million feature starring Christopher Walken."
-- Will Robertson,
Summerland Pictures,
New York/Los Angeles

"Your On-the-Job aspect for training students is by far a better way to go than traditional college or film school."
-- Theresa,
Lions Gate Pictures,
New York, NY

"Sasha Parulis has been hired on to do special effects and editing."
-- Blue Visual Effects,
Philadelphia, PA

"Your On-the-Job aspect for training students is by far a better way to go than traditional college or film school."
-- Theresa,
Lions Gate Pictures,
New York, NY

"Marina Giokas has been hired as an editor through our company."
-- Darius Films,
Toronto, Canada

"Jeff Giordano has been a great asset to my camera department."
-- Stephen Beals,
Caelesis Productions,
Portland, Oregon

"Derek Koen is working on a film for HBO."
-- Tony Travise,
2-Tone Films,
New York, NY

"On my first day I was introduced to Chazz Palminteri and Jennifer Tilly. Four months into the program I was hired to work on the set!"
-- Sean Chou,
Newman Tooley Productions

"Shannon Roy was hired on last month to do computer animation and special effects."
-- Vision Art,
Los Angeles, CA