Analag vs. Digital

Plagued by the agony of deciding whether to record on digital or analog machines? Remember this:

What you are recording is more important than how you record it.

Don't assign too much value to the technology. But, you still have to make choices. So keep this in mind:

We, as human beings, are analog devices. We are also the market. Dogs don't buy records! Just because you can print a 28k tone to hard disc doesn't mean it will be heard or even sound good for that matter. It only matters if it harmonically affects sounds in the range that you can hear.

DAW's (Digital Audio Workstations) give you the ability to perform some amazing feats of editing, but you have to decide what ultimately sounds better. There's a good analogy in the film world: Everyone agrees that video tape looks more "live" than film, but it just doesn't have the same charisma.

Remember, it's all about the music.


Lynn Allread
Berry Music Group
Kansas City, KS


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