Recording Mastering and Duplication Links

Allstar Mastering: a state-of-the-art studio located just outside of Fort Lauderdale, FL, specializing in production masters for CD, cassette, and vinyl

Alonesoul Studios: professional CD Mastering, audio resortation, CD duplication, and tape to CD transfer at affordable prices. CD demos starting at $49 including artist website and MP3 promotion. Their references speak for themselves

Armadillo Digital Audio: provides a variety of duplication services, including DAT, CD and tape. They also offer color scanning, printing, packaging and shipping

Audio Media Group, Inc.: Knoxville, Tennessee's premier recording, CD and tape duplication and mastering facilities

Cassette House: the premiere source for DAT tape, blank cassettes, recordable CD's and recording supplies. On the net since '89! Online ordering or call 800-321-5738, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Shipping every weekday

The CD Marksman offering audio CD, CD-Rom, and cassette replication; audio mastering, CD-R silk screening, business card CDs, graphic design, and blank CD-R media

CPL Mastering: helping clients enhance their music and score projects for extraordinary major label sound for over 20 years

Diamondisc Audio: a full service digital audio mastering company (located in Nashville, TN) specializing in mastering services and transferring your music to compact disc as well as short-runs of CDs, digital editing, mixing, song catalog archiving to CD, audio restoration, MP3 audio file creation (for near-CD quality streaming & downloading over the internet), and website development

Digital Audio Services: CD mastering, digital editing, system design and operation. "From the people who care how it sounds."

Digital Sunspot: professional, affordable audio CD mastering at high bit and sample rates

Disc Services: quality CD replication and duplication at affordable prices. Quick turns and guaranteed work with over 6 years experience. All customers receive a free Web page with orders including links, cover art and audio tracks

DRT Mastering: delivering a fat, high-impact sound, created with custom-built analog mastering gear

Final Edit Mastering: offering high-quality digital mastering at an affordable price. Their mastering and editing system is based around Sonic Solutions and can accept master formats such as DAT, CD-R, Analog and 16 or 24 bit SDII, AIFF and WAV formats on CD-ROM

Glass House CD Replication: established in 1988 and run by musicians, this is a small operation where your project will receive personal attention

Highland Digital Media - CD Replication: major-label quality retail-ready compact discs at affordable prices with fast turn-around, knowledgeable, friendly and consistent customer service

Internet Audio Masters
: providing truly affordable and professional CD mastering, restoration, and MP3 encoding to online musicians

Mortal Recordings: recording, mastering, CD duplication, MP3 creation, and artwork

: CD and cassette mass production and short runs, editing/mastering, graphic design and more

Single Flame Inc.: from editing fades and crossfades to noise reduction, EQ, compression and limiting, mastering at Single Flame will help you transform your studio mixes into a truly polished release. Let them help you make a great record!

Spice Records: recording studio and mastering facility in Athegnenberg, Germany

Spot the Genius: offering music production and promotion, graphic/imaging, Web/Internet design and production, photo/video services and more

John Vestman Mastering: with over thirty years of musical and engineering experience, John brings out all the potential of your mixes and gives you the edge that makes your cd sound its best


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"In addition to her job at our studio, April McClure has been asked to 'head up' the new digital recording facilities at Butler County Junior College."
-- Mark Winston,
Winston Creative Sound

"I just started my own recording studio and record label. The knowledge I received during my training was crucial to my success. I drove 200 miles for each lesson, and would gladly do it again."
-- Matthew Mylroie,
Crossfade Recording

"Jeff Thomas completed his course in record time and is now working as an assistant engineer."
-- Wayne Gathright,
Music Lane Recording