March 24, 2000

Jon Delange
OarFin Records President/CEO
Minneaplis, MN

Recording Connection
Re: Summer 2000 Program


It's hard to believe this is our fifth year working with Recording Connection. The program has run incredibly well, allowing us the flexibility we need in booking our studio while allowing access to students who don't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars going to a full-sale music school to learn music engineering.

We used to teach all of the courses for one such school here in Minneapolis (Music Tech) but were unable to continue our relationship because of our desire to book major label artists. Music Tech needed daily access to our studio during peak times for recording. Obviously this made it difficult to attract big name acts to our facility. Recording Connection is ideal beacuse they are extremely accommodating with scheduling but are still very serious about training their students. I've met some great students--some of which have gone on to work in the industry.

And because of the hours that were freed up, we have booked some great talent. In the last year alone, Tori Amos, Christina Aguilera, The Indigo Girls, Savage Garden, Jonny Lang, Sheryl Crow, Steely Dan, Dave Mathews Band, Susan Tedeschi, Tonic, Semisonic, and Disney have all used our studios.

Your program works for us! Thanks Jimmy.

Yours in Music,

Jon Delange
OarFin Records President/CEO


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"Tom Mulreaney's progression from student to engineer was accomplished in a very short time. The Recording Connection course played a major role in Tom's rapid development."
-- Brian Zebertavage,
Owner, BZ Music