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February 14, 1996

Dear Jim Petulla,

Thank you for sending me Jeff Thomas. He completed his course in record time and is now working as an assistant engineer at Music Lane Studios. The knowledge that he gained from your course and the familiarity he gained from hands-on training at the Music Lane facility has made him an asset to the various engineers and producers that work here.

I would recommend your course to anyone interested in entering the recording field. It is very tough to get into a major studio and even tougher to earn a good wage. Whether working in the main studio or in the digital editing room, the young engineer needs the background that your course offers. Your course not only teaches, but also allows the student an opportunity to get a "foot in the door" while learning.

Thanks again. I look forward to working with you again.


Wayne Gathright
Music Lane Recording


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"Everything you told me that would happen, has--and then some. My first week of class I did the whole drum microphone setup for Ice-T. That's right, Ice-T . . . "
-- Dario Ramirez,
Student, Cargill Consultants