15458 Cabrito Road
Van Nuys, California 91406

March 18, 1996

Dear Jimi,

Congratulations on your Recording Connection program. I am very delighted and impressed with the course. It is thorough, up to date and precise. I am also very impressed with the new Digital Audio supplemental course that you have included in your program. I have spoken at seminars at colleges and Universities across the country and I have not found a course that covers the area of digital technology as well as your program. It is also nice to see that you cover all areas of the music business. It really is who you know.

Your program has helped many people break into the business. I am primarily writing this letter to let any of your potential students or novices know that I feel Recording Connection is a dynamite way to go if you want a job in the Music or Recording Industry. I met Jimi personally almost 10 years ago. I had the opportunity at that time to be working with one of the greatest producers and engineers in the business, Keith Olsen. Keith had just finished engineering and producing the biggest Fleetwood Mac album. A few weeks after that I just finished mixing the Kingdom Come album "In Your Face." A month after that project I was asked by David Coverdale to mix his vocals on his "Slip of the Tongue" project. Since that time I did the Scorpions "Crazy World" which has sold over 9 million copies. I have had the chance to work with Eddie Money, Lou Gramm, World Trade and a score of others. I have had the opportunity to work with all styles of music from obviously Rock to Country, R & B and we just sold a Rave music mix in Europe. As you know I have started up a full service Entertainment company which includes a Production company, Record Label, publishing , etc. We have several Recording Studios in the City complex of Los Angeles. I am very interested in utilizing some of your students in positions with our firm. Why not train people from the ground up and hire them within our own company.

I will be contacting you from time to time when we are looking to hire. I give your program a thumbs-up and wish you and your students all the luck in the world.


Shay Baby


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"Two weeks after finishing your course Tom Brown was hired as an assistant engineer in one of New York's top production houses."
-- Obie O'Brien,
Studio Manager, The Edison

"Les Arenson got a job as an editor in a post house working on DAWs, slicing and dicing audio bits for television broadcast. He probably makes more money than I do now."
-- Douglas Tomooka,
TNT Recording