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I just wanted to let you know what I'm doing with my training. To celebrate the New Year, I just started my own recording studio and record label. Crossfade Recording is a dream come true for me. The knowledge I received during my training was crucial to my success. I have stocked my studio with some of the best equipment available, and that combined with the knowledge and experience I received from award-winning engineer Tony Korologos has given me a huge advantage over other small studios. I have already taken the "top spot" in the valley, no one else can come close to the kind of quality that I can do, as every studio around here has untrained engineers. I am also already competing for business with the larger, established studio's in the entire northern area of the state.

I have only been open for 5 days, and two bands are already setting dates to record. I am doing the audio portion of a video documentary due out this summer, and have several solo artists who are making plans to come in. I could have easily invested my tuition money into equipment instead of training, but I know that I made the wise choice. The fact that I had experience and training was one of the major reasons that artists have selected my studio. I have a whole CD filled with projects that I was involved with while training, including all my practice mixes and my final mix, and potential customers are very impressed with the quality of work. I advise people interested in a career in recording, to make the sacrifice necessary to receive quality training. I drove 200 miles for each lesson while training, and would gladly do it again. I have also made a lasting friendship with the engineer that trained me, and still receive "guidance" from him.

I hope that in the future you will consider my studio as a training site for others who are going through your program. Once again, thanks for everything.


Matthew "Guitar Man" Mylroie
Owner/Engineer: Crossfade Recording


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"I was employed by Ironwood Studios in Seattle as a staff engineer and technician before I completed the Recording Connection's coursework!"
-- Rod Johnson,
Ironwood Studios

"You proved to us that you do land people jobs!"
-- Steven E. Scott,
Vocational Rehabilitation