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September 5, 1995


Just a note to let you know that I think your Recording Connection program is the most exciting career opportunity I've ever been a part of. My father taught me the electrical trade. I can do the work well but my heart wasn't in it. Usually after work I would start toying around with my vcr and stereo, experimenting and doing little sound and or video projects. After a while I realized this is where my interests were, but I didn't know the best way to start.

When I heard the Recording Connection commercial and called the number, I was a bit skeptical, mainly because we're talking about my dream here. (Seemed too good to be true.) I never thought it would be possible to make an appointment with an audio specialist such as Tom Kihntopf and have him agree to personally train me. But through your program and with your help this very important first step is a reality for me. Thanks!

Everybody at CPI is willing to take the time to answer any question, especially my mentor Tom Kihntopf. Tom has really helped me open my ears and mind to hear things many people take for granted. Recently I completed basic 4, (recording console parts and functions) and have done my first mix down to a stereo cassette. I am eagerly looking forward to the remaining chapters and the hands on training that comes with them. Sitting in on real live sessions really rounds out the learning process.

I still have a long way to go, but working along side of professionals like Tom, studying the text and a dedication to a dream, I know that soon I will be able to reach my goal, a career in the music business.

Thanks again for the key to that goal!

Ed Dickinson


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"Recording Connection provides more practical training in at least half the time, with a 100% higher job placement rate than conventional schools."
-- Steve Chapralis, M.A.,
Vocational Rehab Counselor

"Darren Dixon has become my second engineer, and is now employed in the music industry on a full-time basis."
-- Michael Par,
BopTech Recording Studios