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New York, NY 10013

March 15, 1996

Dear Eric,

As the studio manager of a major New York Recording facility, I can personally atest to the necessity of on the job training and real life experience learning. Working as an engineer in a major recording studio requires much more preparation than a book or a classroom can provide. I can liken the situation to that of learning how to ride a bicycle. You can read and be taught the mechanics of balance for years, but until you climb up on top of Shwinn for real, you'll never know how to ride a bike.

The Recording Experience provides potential recording engineers with the best of both worlds. The comprehensive written material gives a strong technical foundation to the in studio experience they gain with their studio representative tutor. Working in conjunction with an operating studio while learning the fundamentals of basic recording is the edge a student of engineering needs today in the competitive world of professional audio. The Recording Connection is unique in its integration of the educational and the professional elements of recording.


Geo Greene
Studio Manager, Chung King Recording Studios


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"James Prince is going to be training to become the new studio manager (a full-time position), as well as continuing his engineering studies and training."
-- Greg Gordon,
Owner, Pyramind Studios