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September 15, 1995

Dear Jim:

I just wanted to drop you a line to fill you in on how things are going for me. The course work has gone really well. We've completed almost two thirds of it at this point, and I am looking forward to completing the advanced section. I've really enjoyed this course as I have learned much, and still have time for other things. The staff at the studio is always available if I have a question or need help.

I've been getting acquainted with all types of people and styles of music and have worked with artists from rock, country, gospel, jazz and blues. I've had experiences from making cassette copies to doing final mixdown on a soon-to-be-released CD for a local artist. I've also been working with sound in general, such as radio and television commercials. We've just finished doing the audio on a new commercial for a nationwide long distance company.

The "on-the-job" aspect is great. I mainly assist and observe Ken Paulakovich, an engineer in the studio. He currently has a triple platinum album on the Billboard charts. His experience and help have been invaluable. I can't begin to describe its impact on me.

In closing, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to get my foot in the door. I look forward to starting my career when I complete the course work. Your support and encouragement have been a big help, and your company has delivered everything you promised.

Best Regards,

Glen Cunningham,
Assistant Engineer
Chapman Studios
5th Street Records


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"Aaron Walk is now working for us at L.A. East Studios. Even before he completed the course, Aaron began making income on a freelance basis."
-- Glen Neibaur,
L.A. East Studios

"My student Sam Patterelli did a wonderful job with his course and has become a resourceful engineer at my studio."
-- Steve Feldman,
Owner, Penguin Studios