Congratulations on you recording Connection program, your concept of "one-on-one private tutoring" with a professional in the field is second to none. Owning a studio of my own and receiving resumes literally everyday, I really admire your approach of putting the student right in the door, in this business it really is who you know. But the real reason your program works in my view is because the student really does get to put their hands on the equipment. This is not the normal internship where the student is sweeping up the studio, cleaning the bathrooms and answering phones, etc. This is real one-on-one training with a very structured hands-on approach. The main reason for writing you this letter is to let any potential students and studio chief engineers or owners know a few things about you and the program. I have known Jimmy Petulla for the past 11 years and we met through his Recording Connection program.

I took on my first student at that time, whom I might add is still currently working in the business. Jimmy has all of the engineers he hires do Hands-on-lab assignments. And especially the new digital audio course supplement, which is very practical for the way the business has headed in Digital Audio. I am familiar with some of these other courses and programs that give no practical approach in Audio Engineering and most of them have very little if any digital technology incorporated in their programs, and most schools and courses offer no hands on. The reality is that you cannot learn this industry by reading about it. You have to learn by doing it! Jimmy's course does just that. My current student, through Jimmy, is training side by side with me in a hands on situation. Every week the student gets to apply what they have read on their own time, this means you really work on and operate the studio equipment! If anyone out there would like to talk to me personally give me a call and I can explain further my association with Jimmy and his Recording and Radio Connection, which is the ultimate true experience.


Jack Vogele


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"Michelle Collin has recently moved up from intern status to TWO full-time jobs: Second Engineer and Business Manager."
-- David Ogilvy,
Booking Manager
Hyde Street Studios

"Without Recording Connection, it would have been difficult at best to accomplish this critical step in the pursuance of my lifelong dream."
-- Chris Nylen,
Dark Matter Productions, Alberta, Canada