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Aug. 28, 1995

Dear Jim,

This is to officially inform you that Faith Foreman, the Career Connection student who has been under our tutelage in recent months, has obtained employment with WLTJ Radio. Faith is ably handling a Midnight-to-6AM shift with the station as she completes her coursework. It's been a pleasure working with her and sharing the knowledge and experience I've accumulated in 15 years of broadcasting. I myself was a product of a student/mentor relationship having attended the now-defunct Columbia School of Broadcasting many years ago.

Career Connection seems to have refined the correspondence school concept by actually placing students in the workplace! This gives students an opportunity to become familiar with equipment and techniques and to interact with professional broadcasters. That's an opportunity college communication courses can't measure up to. In fact, when the student's goal is to become employed in radio, I find the Career Connection approach to be not only less costly but far superior to such a course. Faith Foreman concurs!

As Faith wraps up her training, I'm looking forward to working with my new student from Career Connection in the coming weeks. I'm sure all your students appreciate the excellent chance your courses provide them to embark on exciting careers! Keep up the great work!


Peter Morley
PM Drive Announcer, WLTJ
Production Director, WLTJ/WRRK


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"I would encourage anyone wanting a career in broadcasting to consider Radio Connection as their first step. It works!"
-- Al Tessitore,
Production Manager,
KNIX / KCW, Tempe, AZ

"Kathleen and Bonnie have both completed their courses and are now working for me on the air."
-- Dave McKay,
Operations Manager,
KEZX Seattle

"After being in the business for 28 years, I feel qualified to recommend Radio Connection to any sincere, intelligent person wishing to pursue a career in this exciting business."
-- Joe Collins,
KRZR, Fresno