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Dear Jim,

I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with The Radio Connection. It has turned out to be a very positive step for my radio career. I have to tell you right from the beginning I knew this would be a great opportunity for me to help interested people get a foot in the door in what I consider a very difficult business to get into. In contrast, the other choices DON'T offer the one thing The Radio Connection does! A FOOT IN THE DOOR! I would recommend The Radio Connection to any person wanting to break into the field of Broadcasting. As a student you will get hands on training and in some cases get paid for it. Plus, you'll get to learn from Radio Professionals that have been in the business and can push you in the right direction. You know what the saying is ... "those who can, do ... those who can't, teach." I don't know if I totally agree with this theory but it sure sounded good. The bottom line is, students are going to learn the business one on one from someone who's doing this full time already. Again, I make a wholehearted recommendation and urge anyone interested in Radio Broadcasting as a career to seriously consider The Radio Connection.

Thanks again,

John Perry/WIIL
Afternoon Personality


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"I'm a 42 year veteran and have seen various organizations that were a 'total rip off.' I'm impressed and find it stimulating to be associated with Radio Connection!"
-- Bill Thompson,
Talk Show Personality,
KOH, Reno