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August 1, 1995

Dear Jim,

As we discussed on the phone, I have decided to take on Jeff Ward as an employee.

Jeff's talent coming in was impressive enough, but the rate of improvement he showed during your traning period was incredible. He took very seriously all of the lessons, infused his own creativity and became a true radio student. Jeff's work and efforts earned him an internship in which he got to try out the lessons learned from the course. In turn he gained the hands on experience that is absolutely essential for "getting in the door" in this business. After seeing him in action during the internship, I was convinced he is ready for a shot.

Jeff has been the operator on duty at our AM facility (WHOO) and board oped for remote broadcasts. He is ready to go on air in a part time capacity. As a matter of fact he is coming in tonight to be our producer as we get ready to ride out Hurricane Erin.

If you have any other students of Jeff's caliber, keep 'em comin'!


J.T. Stevens
Program Director


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