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2180 Sanlando Center
West State Road 434
Suite 2150
Longwood, FL 32779

Well Jim,

My experience with Radio Connection has been even better than expected. I now believe your program is what the student makes of it. Myself, I am determined, ambitious, and hopefully talented. My instructor is Greg Holt at WDIZ in Orlando, Florida. Greg, and everyone at DIZ are encouraging and supportive. They could no be nicer. I feel valued and respected: as a person, and as a talent. It is truly a special group.

Several of my ideas have become show topics and I am now a regular morning show personality. This my fifth week, I will substitute an entire week as producer and personality for my instructor Greg at DIZ. Greg appears in shock with my quick progress. My fingers are crossed that DIZ will eventually hire and pay me for my efforts. If not, at least I'll have a killer resume.

Since I was nine, I've appeared in print, plays, musicals, television, film, and now RADIO. A job as a radio personality will hopefully get me experience and networking to transcend my talents into other medias. Ultimately, the world may see me as a cross between Howard Stern, Madonna, and Tom Cruise. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Thanks Jim.


A Would Be Star,
Sean P. Bennett


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"Two months into the course we hired Neil Woodall to do Remote Broadcast Board Ops. A few months later he was advanced to Middays On-Air."
-- Charles Reid,
Program Director,
Rock 108, Macon, GA