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Dear Jim,

I just wanted to let you know about another satisfied student of The Radio Connection program, me! Thanks to your program and the excellent instruction and guidance by Mike Kelly, I am now a producer for the Radio America Network in Washington D.C.

I could not have asked for a better teacher than Mike. He took the time to show me all aspects of production, announcing, writing copy and board operation. Little did I know that I would be thrust into the business so quickly! When you guys say "Radio Connections" you aren't fooling around! Even with the competitive nature of the business and being in the, dog eat dog, capital of the country, Mike found plenty of job opportunities for me and they paid off.

If you should ever need a good word about Mike Kelly or the program, please feel free to call.

Thank you,

Rich McFadden


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"Jessica Stout was hired by Jacor Broadcasting in Denver as an Air Personality."
-- Bob Richards,
KBPI, Denver

"A few months with a program director leads to a position in the broadcasting field far more often than a university degree."
-- Wes S. Nessmann,
Program Director,
KFMX, Texas