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Dear Jim,

Just a quick not to let you know how pleased I am to be working with you and the radio connection.

After nearly twenty years in major market radio -- KFRC, KCBS, K-101 in San Francisco and here at KPLZ/KVI in Seattle, I've been approached frequently by well known broadcast schools to become an instructor. I've lectured at some of them but just couldn't feel comfortable accepting a teaching position at those schools.

I've seen them take a great deal of money from young students, offering unrealistic hopes for immediate "stardom." Many of the students I've seen at those schools were either inappropriate for the business or were not given the attention and intensive training required for any sort of success in such a competitive field.

Working one on one with my students -- teaching them the real world of radio is very rewarding to me and the best education for my radio connection students.

Getting involved with your organization is very time-consuming for me but it's worth it. The reward comes from working with a school with integrity; one that will honestly screen applicants and offer a truly well-rounded exposure to broadcasting in this program.

I realize you're in business to make money but I admire the fact that you allow integrity to over-ride the almighty dollar.

Looking forward to a long relationship with the radio connection and my best wishes for your continued success, I remain,

Yours truly,

Mike Webb,
Music Director--KVI Radio


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