March 16, 1994

Dear Jim:

Just a note to let you know that our student, Kevin Fell is now gainfully employed in radio! Because Kevin is an intelligent, enthusiastic young man, I had no hesitation at all in recommending him for an entry-level position at our am station, KUKQ. As you know, this is the way most start in radio, and I'm confident Kevin will advance rapidly now that he's in.

Jim, as I've told you before, I endorse Radio Connection for the practical knowledge the student receives in addition to the course materials. There are many college graduates in the broadcast field still looking for jobs because they lack one essential ingredient, contacts. In this business, who you know plays as much a part in landing the job as what you know. Kevin is a good example of a person being in the right place at the right time. Of course that would not have been the case, were it not for Radio Connection.

Here's looking forward to another success story with Kevin Fell! I'll talk to you soon.

Troy D. Duran
Production Director


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"Dave Becker has joined the staff of WLRT. I can see him growing in his position, whether he stays with us or is stolen by another station."
-- Larry Timpe,
Operations Manager,
WLRT / KWAN, Illinois