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Dear Jim,

I finally have found that moment to drop you a line about the Radio Connection. Your program is easily one of the best that I have found for teaching people the real skills needed for that first break in radio.

Both students that you sent my way have progressed very well, in fact as of September 1, 1993, Seneca Smith will be employed with KSSY/KKRT as a weekend fill air talent. I look forward to seeing her advance in her career.

Keep up the great program! And by all means if you have anybody considering the program have them call me for verification that the RADIO CONNECTION really works.

Thanks again for the opportunity to pass along the wisdom.

Greg "Roberts" Tillotson
Operations Director


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"I'm a 42 year veteran and have seen various organizations that were a 'total rip off.' I'm impressed and find it stimulating to be associated with Radio Connection!"
-- Bill Thompson,
Talk Show Personality,
KOH, Reno