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Dear Jim,

Boy it has been an incredible year! You won't believe all that has happened, in fact I made a list of what I have done in Radio just within the past year. Thanks for everything. I can't tell you all the fun an enjoyment I have had. I started off last year doing my show from Disneyland in Anaheim, the station of course flew me there and I had a ball. Then in March, I had a chance to interview Wolfman Jack, the first "Jock," I remember hearing. Then a month later the station sent me to Seaworld to broadcast my show live. Jim, I don't know if you ever knew how much of a cowboy fan I was. I convinced the station to do my show from Monument Valley, Utah. I walked where John Wayne walked and I saw several movie locations where John Wayne and John Ford did a lot of their movies. Then in October I did my show from Disneyworld in Orlando, for their 20th anniversary. The ultimate happened on Dec. 10th, I met, interviewed and had my picture taken with Roy Rogers "King of the Cowboys." Jim it is not over yet, on Jan. 2nd, I had James Brown on my show here in San Francisco. But the most rewarding part of year and my life for that matter was when I did my show last week Jan. 8th, 1992, from Graceland, Memphis, TN, yes the home and actual house of Elvis Presley. Jim the next day the station producer set it up and I did a live broadcast from the Sun Studios, where Elvis cut some of his very first hits. Jim, I honestly can't believe it! As important as all this seems, Jim, your friendship and help throughout the years are even more important to me. Good luck with everything and keep Radio Connection going strong for years to come. Oh before I forget, I have been offered a position with the rival power station KFRC here in the city. I start next week, so if you need to contact me call KFRC in San Francisco. C-ya.


John Mack Flanagan


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"Working one-on-one with my students -- teaching them the real world of radio -- is very rewarding to me and the best education for them."
-- Mike Webb,
Music Director,
KVI, Seattle

"After the first few weeks of working with Chris Fuhs I was so impressed with him, and the course, that I've hired him as my Production Assistant and On-Air Board Op!"
-- Carl Palmer,
Production Director,
KZOK AM/FM, Seattle