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Dear Jim,

Just a quick note to let you know that Chris Cruz has been officially hired as production assistant of KJR AM & FM on a part-time basis. Chris will log 25 hours a week to start with duties including the maintenance of current and future production interns as well as producing commercials, promos and general production related tasks. He'll also be working with complex recording equipment both analog and digital.

I want to be certain that you know how much I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with Chris through your program. My hat's off to your ambitious work and to your method of vocational education in general. I look forward to more experiences with people like Chris through Radio Connection and I would not hesitate to refer anyone interested.


Chad Douglas
Production Director
KJR FM Seattle


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"Thank you for the opportunity to work with Radio Connection. It has turned out to be a very positive step for my radio career."
-- John Perry,
Afternoon Personality,
WIIL, Kenosha, WI

"Half way through the course Vic Conrady secured a part-time air position at WAWK in Kendalville. Upon completing the course he began working full time at WQTZ."
-- Doug Silver,
Operations Manager,
WJLT, Fort Wayne, IN