Film & TV Connection
Student Sean Chou
on the Movie Set

Sean with Chazz Palminterri

When Film & TV Connection student Sean Chou signed up for the program, he had confidence that it would lead him to a film career -- he just had no concept of how quickly it could happen!

Sean was accepted by mentor Mars Callahan, a writer/director whose latest project -- "Pool Hall Junkies" -- stars Christopher Walken, Chazz Palminterri and Rod Stieger. Mars was so impressed with Sean, in fact, that he hired Sean to be his Second Assistant Director on the feature. Sean's first task? Go to the airport and pick up Christopher Walken and Rod Steiger!

Sean with Christopher Walken

Not only had Sean had never met a celebrity before, he had never even stepped foot on an actual working movie set. But he conducted himself well. The crew members -- all veterans -- were very impressed with Sean and had no idea that this was his first paying job in the film industry.

Callahan is currently in post on the film and has convinced the production company to allow him to keep Sean on the payroll during their post production phase. Sean will serve as assistant to the post production supervisor. He will also be able to shadow that whole process of editing as well as having the opportunity to go to the lab during final cut, color correction, etc.

"I wish someone would've walked me through the entire process of filmmaking like this, when I was looking to break into the field," reports Mars.

Actors on the set: a pool hall

Mars Callahan took Sean under his wing during the pre-production stages of the project. Sean trained under Callahan's supervision for about 4 months before Callahan hired him onto the project. Now, even though only a few months have passed, Sean has a full film credit to his name -- critical to success in the film industry.

"The knowledge Sean has received from your program could never have been attained in the traditional film school environment," Callahn asserts.

Sean with Rod Stieger

Callahan also had praise for the Film & TV Connection course materials.

"How did you come up with all that stuff?" Mars wonders. "I've given lectures at several colleges and film schools throughout the country, including NYU. Now that I have had a chance to really examine the Film & TV Connection course first hand, I've got to say: your information and curriculum is much more up-to-date than they are using at the University."

Callahan has already signed on to direct another feature in April, and he plans to bump Sean up to First Assistant Director on that project.

So, shortly after entering the Film & TV Connection program, Sean is well on his way to a full-time career in the film industry.

Sean with Orien and Peter Mark Richman

"Congratulations on a remarkable concept way ahead of the times," says Mars. "I highly recommend your program to anyone trying to pursue a career in film production. It works! Sean is proof of that. When it comes to job placement in the film industry, Film & TV Connection is certainly the way to go."

Callahan is so impressed with with Film & TV Connection program that he has volunteered to talk to prospective students personally about his experience. Just call Film & TV Connection at (800) 755-7597 and ask for Mars Callahan's home number.

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"Career Connection provides more practical training in at least half the time, with a 100% higher job placement rate than conventional schools."
-- Steve Chapralis, M.A.,
Vocational Rehab Counselor

"Glen Lezma has been hired on as 2nd Assistant Director for the upcoming Salma Hayek film titled "In the Time of the Butterflies" for ShowTime Network."
-- Eric Bryce,
Lion's Share Pictures,
Los Angeles, CA

"In this business, connections are everything -- more important than education."
-- Damon Alberts,
Center City Film,
Philadelphia, PA

"I have hired Mike Marovich in our camera department for 'Wish,' our upcoming $8 million feature starring Christopher Walken."
-- Will Robertson,
Summerland Pictures,
New York/Los Angeles

"Sasha Parulis has been hired on to do special effects and editing."
-- Blue Visual Effects,
Philadelphia, PA

"Teresa Bryant spent her first day of training working with the location manager for John Singleton's upcoming feature."
-- Dixon/Caine Productions,
Los Angeles, CA

"Marina Giokas has been hired as an editor through our company."
-- Darius Films,
Toronto, Canada

"Jeff Giordano has been a great asset to my camera department."
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Caelesis Productions,
Portland, Oregon